Monday, December 15, 2008

Music Is Good For The Soul

I really do love music, listening, playing and singing. When it comes to playing and singing I know I am better at listening, but I still enjoy it never less. For me music is truly good for the soul. It is a great way to communicate and worship. It can be used to provide entertainment while working, it can bring you up when you are down, and at times can even be used to get something off of your chest or out of your mind. Give me a microphone and I have to start singing a song, I just can't help it.

I guess I had better like it as it seems to occupy a lot of my time. I currently sing in three different groups, Mixed Choir at church, Voices in Harmony, (a men's group mostly from church), and the Western Way Chorale, (a mixed group mainly from my neighborhood and two other adjoining neighborhoods. I am also chairperson of our Worship and Music Ministry at church. Our main purpose is to set up and plan special worships and also special music for each event and Sunday service. Along with all of this I manage to sing a solo here and there also. I also play the guitar and was the Music Director for the "Via De Cristo" men's weekend this year. Via De Christo is a Christian weekend for men and women where during the weekend you renew your relationship with Christ and learn how to be a better Christian. Like movements are "Cursillo" (Catholic and where it all started from) "Walk To Emmaus" (Methodist) "Tirosh" (Lutheran Youth weekend), and "Kiros" (A weekend for those in prison) And as if all of that didn't keep me busy enough I have also been teaching basic music and the recorder to the 7th and 8th graders a San Xavier mission school. They had there Christmas program last night and it went well.

The Western way Choral also just has their Christmas concert. I used to sing tenor but a couple of years ago we were down to only two bases so I volunteered to take a promotion and sing base. (Depending on whom you ask the Tenors or Bases it could have been a demotion also.) Anyway I have enjoyed it. If you go to you can listen to our Christmas concert. Just click on the Winter Concert 2008 button and all of the selections are there at each of the two locations we sang at. We sang better at the second location Tucson Estates and a couple of my favorite selections are "Santa Needs A Vacation" and "A Christmas Celebration". (You won't see me on the picture as it was taken last year at the Spring Concert and I was gone so did not sing with them for that concert.)

Remember also that all music lifted up to God in praise is beautiful to His ears no matter what you may think it sounds like.

Life is good if you let it.


Steve at Random said...

Now you've got my curiosity up. I hope the next time you're in our state, you hook up with son Randy and granddaughter Brianna. I would love to hear the three of you sing. Keep up the blogging. I also think it's wonderful that we can your chorus sing via the Internet.

AZJim said...

That idea sounds like a lot of fun but you would have to talk my son and granddaughter into it. The cool thing about the internet and singing is how he has all of the different parts on line. It is just a synthesizer so music sounds a little hokie but it sure works well when practicing your part.