Saturday, March 7, 2009

Show up an hour late????

I mentioned in one of my last blogs that one of the problems with society today is the fact that no one wants to be responsible for anything, including themselves. A good example came up when I was watching the news last night.

They were doing a story on daylight savings time. The main purpose of the story was the hour of time that you people, (not us Arizonians), lose when you go on daylight savings time in the spring. They had done a study on how many hours we now get at night compared to what people got years ago. 20 years ago people got about 9 hours of sleep at night and currently the average is 6-7. They also had done a study and found out that heart attacks go up 5% when you guys go on daylight time because of the hour of sleep you lost. At the close of the story the news reporters way to solve this was to talk your employer into letting you show up an hour later for work the next few days until your body got used to the new time.

Now wait a darn minute here. I have a few problems with this whole story.

1) Why in these economic times does our government have money to do studies on whether or not heart attacks go up or down with the loss of 1 hours sleep. We have known as long as I remember,(they taught this in my first grade), that to be healthy a person needs at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Some people even need more, everyone is different.

2) Show up an hour late for work??? Did anyone ever think of going to bed an hour earlier??? This solution was never brought up either. Here this news reporter is saying that the employer should show concern for the employee and let them come in late. I know if I would have asked my boss this I would have been laughed out of the office. By the way, it looked as though the news reporter was dead serious about this also.

Things were sure simpler back in the 60's.


Steve at Random said...

I just woke up from my nap -- not because I'm losing an hour of sleep tonight, not because it might prevent a heart attack -- but because I got into the habit of taking a nap when our sons were young. I would lay down with them on the weekends, while their mother would put them down for naps during the week. However, they grew out of the habit and I did not. Anyway, I have no excuse for not feeling rested...even when I lose an hour of sleep. Still, I can't believe that we are changing our clocks so early in the year. We drove by some homes in northwest Mandan this morning and the snow is right up to the roof tops. On one home, it looked the kids must have been sledding down the snow bank from from the top of the house...I kid you not. Too Tall Tom, one of our Bismarck meterologists said that the sun now has the same intensity that it does in late September. Well, it doesn't feel like it. Thanks for the blog...I see turning a year older hasn't hurt your writing skills.

randymeiss said...

Good to see you posting again. I'll be going to bed a couple hours early tonight just because I didn't get a nap today. I just finished setting all the clocks so I believe I'm ready.