Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'm Back

WOW! What a whirlwind the past 1 1/2 months have been. I have not only been unable to blog, but I have not been able to follow the blogs that I love to read and follow. Let me explain. About the middle of May my Dad was taken seriously ill with a perforated colon. I cannot describe the thoughts and feelings as I see the ambulance transport him to the hospital with my Mom and Dad inside. Then listening to the surgeon tell you that surgery is the only chance to save your Dad but his chances are not good. His exact words were, "We will do our best to save him, but I must tell you that your Dad is dying."

The once beautiful sunny day, quickly became one of those dreaded days you know will come, but that you are never ready for. Then being the only family here, there were all the phone calls to make while trying to keep all of your emotions in check. I will admit it, I was a wreck! The picture to the left is my Mom and Dad taken last year. To look at this picture and think back to him laying in the hospital is still hard.

I suppose I should cut to the chase and say that he is now home and doing very well. While it was touch and go for about a week after surgery he amazed everyone at the hospital that attended to him. His fight to live overwhelmed all of those other factors trying to bring him down. He was truly amazing!

My family and I also know that another important factor was prayer. There were people all across the states that were praying for him. I know that there were times I was praying that I really did feel other prayers being lifted up for him. It is times like this that you can really feel the presence of God.

After a months stay in the hospital and rehab he came home a couple of weeks ago. He is using a walker but does take short trips from the chair to the kitchen without it. He has a nurse that comes by twice a week and a physical therapist that comes 3 times a week. This not only helps Dad but kind of gives Mom a break also.

This summer Brenda and I have decided to stay here in AZ and help my Mom take care of him. Now as I assist my Mom in being caregiver it is really true that we eventually come full circle. Mom and Dad took care of me for 18 + years, so now it is my turn. It is really great to see him make the progress that he is making.

This will also be the first summer that we have spent in AZ. It will be fun to experience the Monsoons. I am also enjoying the quiet. When you live in a place where a lot of people vacate in the summer it really gets quiet from what you are used to. I have also quit some of my extra curricular activities. I basically was too busy and needed to slow down a little. Now I have to get used to being relaxed so I can quit feeling guilty when I am not out busy doing something.

This just reminded me of something that I do have to do so I must go. I also know there are some followers of this blog that were praying for my Dad. My family really thanks you for all of the prayers you offered. God Bless you all!

"Life Is Good If You Let It."


Steve at Random said...

Welcome back and thanks for the heart warming story of your dad and his battle. Randy had asked for prayers some time ago, so good to hear that your dad is on the mend. I would write more, but I'm officially on hiatus. Ha! I'll miss seeing you this summer. Randy has probably told you that the quartet is singing in the bandshell on June 10. Should be a great time.

randymeiss said...

Hopefully the healing continues. Great to know all is well. Can't wait for that fishing trip!!

AZJim said...

I will miss seeing you also. Sure wish I could hear you guys sing. I am sure you will be GREAT! The fishing trip will have to be another blog. I am sure all will wait with baited breath.

Kathiej said...

You and Brenda are exactly where you are meant to be. It is times when we sacrifice our own plans for someone else that we grow the most spiritually. Always remember what a privilege it is to be with your parents and to be able to ease the burden for both of them. You will never regret the time you have with them. Cherish it daily and thank God for the opportunity to give back to them at this vulnerable point in their lives. We love you!
Ken and Kathie